Instilling character and confidence into the lives of young people through dance, encouraging them to be true to themselves and passionate about their talents.

The first instalment of VA was actually a summer scheme in 2005 in Lurgan, and we had no idea it would take off like it did!  Tripling in size over the next couple of years, we saw a need for VIBE SUMMER all year round…


VA opened it’s doors in October 2008, our focus being having a blast while learning great choreography.  That hasn’t changed.  We have however, evolved over the years; opening a second campus in East Belfast, developing a cool clothing line, filming a professional dance video at the end of each year… 


We are excited to never stop evolving.  To never stop encouraging our dancers to be the very best version of themselves, on and off the dance floor.  To never stop dreaming the big dreams and to keep pushing our dancers to realise the amazing potential they have to influence this world.


We are VA.